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The third page describes numerology of numbers 7 and 1, and also describes gods of ancient Greek mythology who correspond to the numerological seven and the numerological one.
Besides this page gives a brief information on geometrical symbolism of numbers in numerology.


Numerology and myths of ancient Greece.
Numerological numbers 7 and 1.
Gods of the Greek mythology Hephaestus, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Ares, Eris.

image Hephaestus and Thetis numerology number 7
Hephaestus and Thetis.
Hephaestus. (numerology of number 7).
Hephaestus is the son of Hera, and Hera has given birth to Hephaestus in revenge to Zeus for his birth of children with other female deities and terrestrial women.
Zeus has three wives: Demeter - the organizer of economic life, Themis - personification of wisdom, Hera - birth of children. Zeus wants to have four wives that the womanly component of his authority was full and corresponded to structure of the world (four world elements), but to Zeus it was predicted that the son of prospective fourth wife Thetis will overthrow his authority and consequently Zeus has three wives.

Hera has given birth of Hephaestus besides Zeus and as a result Hephaestus was born ugly and consequently he is not pleasant to Zeus, but also he is not pleasant to mother. Namely the numerological principle of number 7 contradicts numbers 6 and 4 as the principle of the seven consists in transformation of the world but it is not pleasant to Zeus who is the governor of the world and is not interested in transformations, and also it is not pleasant to Hera who creates physiological structure of the world and is not interested in transformations. In essence Hephaestus contradicts the Supreme Olympic gods and contradicts mother and consequently aspires to change the world.
Hephaestus is the lame god that confirms his contradiction with the world of gods as the lameness does his existence defective. Otherwise it is possible to tell that Hera creates physiological structure of the world and consequently her anger concerning Hephaestus is reflected in inferiority of a physiological body which Hephaestus has.
Hephaestus is thrown on the ground and is compelled to exist far from other Olympic gods and consequently the sense of his existence consists in transformation of a material world.
Hephaestus is the inventor and the founder of crafts also teaches people to crafts. He is a symbol of creative fire and refers to as the smith, namely is the patron of technical progress.
Hephaestus is capable to resist to laws of a material world by means of creation of subjects (technical adaptations) which deny habitual representations about the world, but therefore the world resists against Hephaestus and tries to prove firmness of habitual laws though uses subjects which are created by Hephaestus.
Hephaestus is similar to Vulcan in the Roman mythology who was personification not only creative fire but also destructive and clearing fire.

Prometheus and Athena numerology number 7
Prometheus and Athena.
Prometheus. (numerology of number 7).
Prometheus is the son of titans Iapetus and Themis, and also he is the cousin of Zeus.
Titan Iapetus was thrown in Tartarus then the Themis became wife of Zeus.
Prometheus against violence, also he is did not participate in struggle of titans with Zeus. Therefore he has kept the position among Olympic gods, and he has independent position concerning Supreme authority of Zeus.

The name of Prometheus means "conceiving before" or "expecting" but Prometheus is not the prophet as his forecasts are based on knowledge.
Brother of Prometheus is Epimetheus whose name means "conceiving after", namely Epimetheus analyzes past events and draws conclusions that does not correspond with numerological principle of number 7 but corresponds to numerological principle of number 1.
Wife of Epimetheus is Pandora "having all gifts" who was created by gods, and each god has enclosed in her any positive and also negative quality. Therefore by means of Pandora misfortunes and illnesses have appeared among people, namely Pandora is an absolute embodiment of divine qualities, but Epimetheus is not capable to predict events and consequently available in Pandora misfortunes and illnesses are realized only in the subsequent.
Gods have created Pandora in punishment that people follow advice of Prometheus and by means of human reason deny established by Zeus laws of the world. That is Zeus and Hera create a psycho-physiological body of people but the reason of people occurs from Prometheus as Prometheus gives people reason which people have no from the moment of the creation. Due to Prometheus people are capable to think as gods.
Prometheus is smart and fair, and consequently Zeus can not reconcile with Prometheus but Zeus is compelled to suffer his presence among Olympic gods. From Prometheus there is a development of human knowledge, and from Zeus there is an order and morals.
Prometheus has stolen fire from workshop of Hephaestus and has given fire to people and by that has taught people to write, count days and to make a sacrifice to gods, and also has taught to guess (conjecture).
Prometheus is friend of Hephaestus, but Hephaestus against own will under order of Zeus is compelled to chain Prometheus to a rock. But in the subsequent Zeus was compelled to release Prometheus in exchange for knowledge of the future, namely Prometheus is released in exchange for the information that authority of Zeus is not eternal and will be denied by the son who will be birth in a marriage with the fourth wife.
Zeus has refused a marriage with Thetis and has refused a marriage with Metis who could play a role of the fourth wife, but in result a womanly component of authority of Zeus is not absolute.

From the view point of geometry for number 7 in numerology there corresponds a heptagon which mathematical ratio have symbolical principles of reason as numbers of mathematical ratio are infinite in a heptagon. For example, the corner of a heptagon 360:7=51,428571... that is infinite number.
Mathematical ratio of a heptagon express proportions of a human body and determine inexplicable beauty which human bodies have, and also mathematical ratio of a heptagon are incorporated in geometrical proportions of the Egyptian pyramids.
The information on proportions of a human body in comparison with geometry of the Egyptian pyramids look on pages of other site: www.phantomgallery.64g.ru/pyramid/pyr1en.htm.
For number 6 in numerology there corresponds a hexagon which has exact mathematical ratio witch symbolize the order and the balanced firmness of the world, that corresponds to principles of number 6 in numerology.
The patroness of exact geometry is Demeter whose name is an etymological source of the word "geometry". That is name of Demeter differently sounds Geo Matrix that means "mother of the ground" and consequently Demeter is a measuring instrument of the ground (land surveyor), but the patron of geometry of infinite numbers is Prometheus to which number 7 in numerology corresponds.

Greek sculpture Ares numerology number 1
Ares. (numerology of number 1).
Ares is the artful and perfidious god of war.
He is the son of Zeus and Hera, and also he is brother of Hephaestus and is similar to the brother who hostile to the world order which is established by Zeus, but as against Hephaestus existence of Ares in the world is high-grade as he is the strong and aggressive god. Zeus considers Ares violent and hated as Ares loves bloodshed that contradicts quiet stability of the world which is necessary for Zeus. And also Hera does not love the son because as a result of war Ares destroys bodies, and in essence destroys physiological structure of the world which creates by Hera. Nevertheless Ares stays among Olympic gods who too are initiators of wars and conflicts, but bloodthirstiness of Ares is senseless and not necessary from the view point of preservation of the world order and consequently Ares is hated to the Supreme Olympic gods.
In spite of the fact that Ares is a militant god but he is not the absolute winner and is exposed to a hysterics in case of defeat.

From Ares there are severe heroes and militant Amazons. Satellite of Ares is Eris who is the goddess of contention and rivalry and too corresponds to a principle of number 1 in numerology.
Hera considers Ares immoral as he has no matrimonial relations but by means of violence wins women. Hera thinks important the unions of men and women in which men by means of force provide calmness and confidence of women, but Ares shows force for the sake of the statement of own egocentric individuality that from the view point of Hera contradicts morals. Zeus too breaks bases of morals that causes conflicts with Hera, but Zeus is the founder of moral laws and breaks the established laws only for the sake of the statement of world supremacy.
Love is peculiar to Ares but as object of love he chooses the most beautiful goddess Aphrodite, as Ares aspires to have the most excellent and beautiful woman for the sake of the proof of the own superiority. The Aphrodite belongs to Hephaestus and consequently Ares is deprived by unique love, that except for other too is the reason of his immorality.
Ares is similar to the Roman Mars who was the god of military valor and victorious gains.
The first month of the Roman calendar March is devoted to Mars that confirms a parity with number 1 in numerology.
Images of Greek Ares and Roman Mars differ a little but both gods correspond to a principle of number 1 in numerology provided that the Roman god of war aspires to honors and awards, and the Greek god of war aspires to war as such. Namely Ares aspires to rivalry for the sake of the superiority over the contender or Ares aspires to the superiority over objects of the love preferences that is equally peculiar for men and for women as female conformity to numerological one are militant Amazons or goddess Eris who does not participate in wars directly but is the reason of wars. In particular Eris became the reason of Trojan War as has given to three goddesses Aphrodite, Athena, Hera the apple of discord which should get to the most beautiful.

The following page considers gods Apollo and Artemis who are children of Leto and Zeus, and correspond with numbers 8 and 2 in numerology.


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